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Carpathian University of Civic Participation

Civic participation Completed
2014-03-01 - 2016-03-31
388 600,00 PLN
349 700,00 PLN
local government, local policies
Project description
Carpathian Mountains remain a unique region with 70% of its area covered by various forms of protection, which results in conflicts between human activity and environmental protection. In 2006, the Framework Convention on protection and sustainable development of Carpathian Mountains came into force.
The project was aimed at developing a model of local development based on the Convention in 6 municipalities Krynica Zdrój, Łużna, Przemyśl, Raciechowice, Zarszyn i Zawoja). 6 concepts for municipal development were prepared based on the Convention: strategy for solving social conflicts, an idea for local newspaper, heraldic materials with arms and flags, 2 concepts for thematic municipalities and ideas for activities under the Strategy of Local Action Group. The concepts were adopted by municipal councils.
6 councils were created where inhabitants, local officers, councillors, local organisations and businessmen met to work with the help of experts on developmental concepts for their municipalities based on the Carpathian Convention. A web page of the project was launched where information on activities and articles on issues connected with the Convention were published. The tools used in the project were presented in a guidebook “Carpathian Model of Participation – to Participate, to Create, and to Decide” addressed to municipalities. The municipalities participating in the project presented the results of their activities during the international conference “Rural tourism in mountain areas. Innovations, participation”. Members of Consultation Councils and foreign guests took part in a study visit in Ochotnica Górna where meetings with local authorities, representatives of tourist and cultural sectors took place. Ochotnica Górna is a village with shepherd traditions that implements the Convention through realising the Wallachian Culture Route. During summary meeting, the Councils exchanged experiences and results of the project. Workshops were organised on further activities in participation and cooperation between municipalities. The recipients of the project were local inhabitants, and local officers and councillors. The partners of the project were Carpathian Union and Green Dossier from Ukraine. The Union was active in recruitment of municipalities to the project and during the study visit. The Ukrainian partner prepared an article and took part in the study visit.
We use the grant for capacity building