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Mutual Help Bank

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-03-01 - 2016-04-30
210 523,94 PLN
188 436,22 PLN
health/healthcare, voluntary service, elderly people, self-help/self-advocacy
Project description
Data of the Municipal Authority and Municipal Social Welfare Centre shows that the number of senior and sick residents of the Dzierzążnia municipality is growing steadily. Many are deprived of adequate care, and threatened with social exclusion. There is a lack of proper forms of assistance available to sick and senior citizen caregivers. Apart from the Municipal Social Welfare Centre and the outpatient clinic, the municipality has no aid agencies.
The project purpose was to prevent the exclusion of senior and sick citizens by providing them with services matching their needs, and by initiating self-help initiatives.
Living conditions were improved for 30 senior citizens; 10 family caregivers were prepared in providing better care; a Mutual Help Bank began operation.
The following activities and classes were delivered: 60 hours on first aid, 52 hours on psycho-educational and psychological aid, 84 hours on lectures on legal regulations and legal assistance, 52 hours on geriatric disease prevention and treatment, 104 hours on healthy nutrition, and 32 hours of motivational workshops on the purpose and forms of volunteer work.
Orthopaedic gymnastics classes (132 hours), rehabilitation classes (104 hours) and massage therapy (208 hours) were provided for 20, 15 and 13 senior citizens, respectively.
Ten caregivers were offered the option to attend a therapy massage course (30 hours) confirmed with a certificate. Two integration/training field trips to physiotherapy centres (Ciechocinek, Ciechanów) were held, equipment and specificity presentations included. A Mutual Help Bank was set up to provide mutual support discussed and summarised at dedicated meetings (208 hours). Theatrical and singing classes (104 hours) were held, songs sung at a local market fair. A brochure on assisting the elderly and sick and their caregivers was published (500 copies).
Project beneficiaries included 30 senior citizens from the Dzierzążnia neighbourhood, and 10 family caregivers to the sick.