Workshops and meetings

78 workshops and meetings for Applicants and Grantees were organised. They were attended by 1,977 representatives of organisations from all over Poland.

Organisations that applied for grant were offered participation in two series of meetings. The first one focused on thematic areas in which we received the least number of applications: civic participation, public scrutiny and counteracting discrimination. The second one addressed issues concerning planning for institutional capacity building.

Organisations that received grants were also offered participation in two series of meetings. The first series of one-day workshops related to project management, financial and legal aspects, the rules for information and promotion, methods for the practical application of cross-cutting issues (sustainable development in environmental and social dimensions, equal opportunities, and good governance), and development of communication and promotion strategies. The second series, of two-day workshops for organisations active in particular thematic areas, was intended to enhance knowledge and competencies, and to exchange experiences and to network organisations that implement similar activities