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Let’s Get Ready Together! Social Consultations on Flood Risk Management

Civic participation Completed
FOR GOOD Foundation, Dobre 77, 24-313 Wilków, Poland
2014-03-05 - 2015-12-31
474 446,15 PLN
279 131,74 PLN
rural areas
Project description
So far in Poland there have been no public consultations on Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP), the preliminary versions of which were published at the end of 2014.
The objective of the project was to use the tools we developed and the “Let’s get ready together!” method to prepare residents and local authorities in communities located on flood plains for participating in consultations of FRMP, which are updated every 6 years.
The method and the tools are aimed at changing the manner of conducting local actions, and at considering the opinions of local residents while preparing local flood management documentation. They illustrate the benefits of joint preparation of flood protection, plans for limiting flood damage, and educational and preventive actions. 20 flood consultations volunteers (FCV) were trained (5 workshops, a research excursion, 3 study visits). Meetings were held (7 preliminary with a psychologist, 1 informative, 14 devoted to education and consultations) for the residents of 3 communities at risk of flooding; 3 open lectures, 10 flood simulations on a 3-D model, 2 public presentations of the project results, 7 screenings of the “Let’s get ready together!” film were organised, and advice was given on land development in the areas at risk of flooding. An educational brochure ”How to prepare for flood” was devised, as well as a handbook for active residents of areas at risk of flooding “Let’s talk about flood”, both aimed at preparing the residents and the local authorities for constructive talks during FRMP consultations. Fifteen lectures on managing flood risk were published online. The beneficiaries of the project were the residents and the local authorities of the communities of Wilków, Dąbrowa Chełmińska, Gorzyce, as well as citizens using the tools prepared as part of the project, and the materials available online.
The project was implemented in partnership with a local organisation, which prepared the 3-D model of the Wilków area together with a multi-media presentation, used it for public flood simulations for the residents, ran the project’s website and forum, and prepared a mobile application.