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Parliament and Local Government – We Are Watching. Use Our Methods

Civic participation Completed
2014-03-01 - 2015-07-31
388 599,18 PLN
349 545,08 PLN
new technologies, accessing public data
Project description
The project "Parliament and local government - we watch you. Use our methods" was a joint initiative of the associations "61" and "Konin Action". The knowledge on who their representatives are and how they perform their tasks encourages citizens to ask questions, strengthens democratic mechanisms and motivates the authorities for transparent operation. It is particularly important that citizens have access to information during election campaigns.
Our aim was to supply citizens with the knowledge on their representatives in local government and in the Parliament, and on candidates in local elections in Warsaw in 2014, as well as to create a network of local services under our patronage.
Under the project, data and analyses on MPs, city presidents and candidates were supplied. In cooperation with over 20 organisations and experts, a questionnaire concerning experiences and views of candidates to Warsaw local government was developed, and 278 answers to the questionnaire were published, approx. 1500 financial disclosures were prepared, 102 CVs of politicians and a category "central government" were added to our database, 99 analyses and papers were published and promoted in media. The initiative to encourage local organisations to monitor their local governments met with wide interest: after 17 months 12 local are active in Złotoryja, Kalisz, Lubartów, Ełk, Lublin, Zabrze, Radom, Toruń, Grodzisk, Suwałki, Kutno, Słupsk. It was decided that new localisations would be launched based on the methodology developed under the project: "61" offers free of charge the space on the server, launches a service with similar graphics and identical functions on a free platform, and a local partner - organisation or informal initiative - is required to regularly update the presented data. "61" and "Konin Action" are responsible for professional and promotional support, and coordination of activities, for which they receive separate financing. All parties agree to respect jointly developed code-agreement between initiatives launching local
IOur project will be continued under other grant competitions.
We use the grant for capacity building