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Consultations based on rules

Systemic projects Completed
, Warszawa, Poland
2014-04-01 - 2016-04-30
1 365 087,34 PLN
1 217 061,44 PLN
local government, local policies, national policies, public institutions, community engagement
Project description
In Poland, the most common form of civil participation are social consultations whereby NGOs and citizens can not only legitimise different solutions, but also propose them. But for that purpose, it is necessary to develop and implement the rules for consultations and to prepare NGOs to thoughtful participation in consultations and their monitoring.
The aim of the project was to permanently and systemically strengthen the position of NGOs in the processes of consulting public policies on the local and central levels through practical support for administration and NGOs in developing the rules for conducting consultations. The activities resulted in e.g. including the rules in the cooperation program between NGOs and the Ministry of Justice and planned such programs for the Ministries of Culture, Sports and Economy, as well as resolving the issue of bases of stakeholders invited to consultations by the ministries of Justice, Science, and Environment. Education activities were led for public administration and NGOs to familiarise them with the standards of conducting and participating in consultations and to supply tools for their implementation. Two editions of a review of government legislative processes as to the quality of consultations were organised, and indicators for their systematic evaluation were developed. On the local level, the activities were focused on medium size towns. The rules for consultations were participatorily implemented in 7 municipalities (Słupsk, Gorzów, Jarocin, Lublin, Opole, Tychy, Konin), and launching works on the rules was supported in another 5 municipalities (Łomża, Milanówek, Zielona Góra, Augustów, Pruszków). Standards for consultations were popularised e.g. during 3 regional Forums for Consultation Practitioners (Białystok, Opole, Sopot), and the guidebook for NGOs and administration “Harnessed consultations” was published. The knowledge on implementing the rules for consultations was also presented in the guidelines and on the page The portal MamZdanie developed under the project forms a tool for supporting consultations.
FISE, the leader of the project, dealt mainly with local activities, while the partner, the Shipyard, was active on the central level.
We use the grant for capacity building