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WATCHDOG ACTIVITY - permanently and professionally in the public interest

Systemic projects Completed
Homo Faber Association, Lublin, Poland
2014-03-04 - 2016-04-30
2 200 000,00 PLN
1 979 592,64 PLN
Project description
The activities of watchdog organisations led so far showed the problems of the activists: their low numbers, weak recognisability and lack of stability resulting from isolation of locally active persons, and for organisations, their dependence on subsidies. Deficit of persons engaged in watchdog activities undermined sustainability and effectiveness of the initiatives. The activities were endangered by possible amendments in the right to information.
The aim of the project was to popularise watchdog activities among citizens and to build stable, professional watchdog initiatives, and favourable social and legal environment.
As a result of the project, watchdog organisations are more recognisable, enjoy higher social confidence, are prepared to jointly voice their opinions, have arguments to defend the right to information. They started to care about stability and communication, obtained tools for learning and networking.
A series of dedicated trainings were organised. Experienced organisations learned how to communicate and how to solicit funds. Inexperienced organisations learned methods and tools for watchdog activities. Local, experienced activists improved their legal knowledge and learned how to communicate with citizens, and inexperienced ones learned how to supervise the authorities and use legal regulations. Based on the trainings, educational materials were prepared in the form of publications, films, courses and online apps for watchdogs and teachers.
The project included activities to promote watchdogs in traditional and social media. Efforts were made to build legal support for watchdog organisations and to prepare them to debates in case of possible amendments in legal regulations on the right to information. The portal presenting achievements of watchdogs and being a source of information on watchdog activities was refurbished. The partner, the Centre for Civil Education introduced watchdog issues to schools; the Foundation Court Watch Poland organised trainings enhancing methods of work; the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights taught basics about human rights, freedom of speech and methods of work; the Association Homo Faber organised trainings for local and city watchdogs.
We use the grant for capacity building