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Combating discrimination Completed
"Free Syria" Foundation, Warszawa, Poland
"Re-Spotkania" Foundation, Warszawa, Poland
2016-01-04 - 2016-04-30
292 812,90 PLN
261 006,61 PLN
refugees and migrants, uniformed services
Project description
In 2015 the Polish Government declared its willingness to relocate and resettle to Poland a group of over 6.5 thousand refugees. Poland so far has had no experience in receiving so numerous groups of persons from the Middle East. The countries receiving resettled refugees are required by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to develop tailored and sound integration programs for them (UNCHR manual "Integration of resettled refugees"). The project aimed at preparing uniformed institutions and services to receive refugees from the Middle East in Poland. Under the project, 306 uniformed services officers were prepared to offer professional assistance for refugees from the Middle East. Under the project, also information materials were developed for refugees and workers of Polish institutions. Two publications were prepared on psychological effects of being a refugee and on the present situation in the Middle East. 2000 copies of Polish-Arabic phrasebook were published for uniformed services. Police officers from three voivodeships and Border Guards officers from Vistula unit took part in travelling workshops on cultural and religious differences. Border Guards officers from the headquarters and seven field departments and police officers from Łódź region participated in stationary workshops presenting the political and humanitarian situation in the Middle East. A set of four booklets on Poland (1000 copies each) in Arabic language were prepared for refugees. A welcome package for refugee children was also prepared. The project benefited 306 uniformed services officers. The project was implemented in partnership with the foundation "Free Syria", responsible for conducting some trainings and translations to Arabic language, and with the foundation "Re-Meetings", responsible for conducting some trainings and preparing a booklet on medical issues.