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Preparations for relocating Syrian refugees from Lebanon to Poland

Combating discrimination Completed
Papaya Foundation, Warszawa, Poland
2016-01-04 - 2016-04-30
313 322,97 PLN
281 896,00 PLN
refugees and migrants
Project description
In mid-2015 the Polish authorities promised to receive 900 to 1200 refugees from Syria and Iraq, residing now in Lebanon, under the mechanism of resettlement. The process of resettlement is conducted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in cooperation with the authorities of the countries of resettlement. So far, Poland has not received refugees under resettlement program.
The aim of the project was to give support for institutions preparing to resettle the group of Syrian refugees from Lebanon to Poland through analysing the capacities of the receiving municipalities and preparing information materials and medical check procedure.
As a result of the project, a report on readiness of municipalities to receive refugees was prepared, as well as information materials, medical check procedure and scenario for a course preparing for resettlement. An attempt was made to change the quality of public debate in media on the migration crisis through educating journalists. 22 municipalities in Poland were surveyed as to their capacities to receive the group of refugees. Conclusions and recommendations were presented in a report (150 copies) and forwarded to participants of the survey and organisations and institutions active in the debate on resettlement of refugees to Poland. A scenario of two-day course preparing for resettlement was developed, as well as medical procedures for refugees who want to resettle to Poland. An information guide was prepared for refugees, presenting politics, economy, customs, work, education, social assistance and the procedure of granting protection for foreigners in Poland. The guide was translated into Arabic language and printed in 600 copies, of which 570 were forwarded to the Office for Foreigners. Three trainings were organised on resettlements and the situation of refugees in Lebanon for 40 journalists from 26 media representing different political options. Three study visits were organised for Polish journalists in Lebanon to let them familiarise with the situation of Syrian refugees.
The project benefited 40 journalists from Polish media, institutions participating in the debate on resettlements and the surveyed municipalities.
The Foundation of World Culture conducted comprehensive surveys in municipalities declaring their readiness to receive refugees and helped to prepare the information guide for refugees. The Papaya Foundation organised trainings for journalists and supported the study visits.