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Culture is a Lass. From Marginalisation for Subjectivity.

Combating discrimination Completed
2014-04-01 - 2014-08-31
65 165,64 PLN
58 620,80 PLN
rural areas, women
Project description
Experiences gathered by the Association Folkowisko show that many women living in rural areas engage in community activities and become real leaders of local communities. It is them who are effective local leaders: they preserve and transmit rural traditions and they engage in multiple ways in local community life. But the efforts of women from rural areas is rarely noticed, and their contribution is often underestimated. Feminism is seen as an urban trend, and is often focused on the rights of women to follow the urban businesswoman model, in this way ignoring problems and achievements of women living in rural areas and in smaller localities. As a result of the situation, women from rural areas are seen through stereotypes and marginalised by both urban groups and their own communities.

The aim of the project was to show an important role of women in the life of rural communities and appreciating their contribution and engagement. The project also aimed at supporting groups of women active in rural areas.

As a result of activities led under the project, several thousand of persons get acquainted with information on achievements and activities of women from rural areas (e.g. through information presented in an attractive way on a social portal and participation in the Festval Folkowisko), and 12 women active in rural areas were supported through trainings.

Under the project, a campaign was launched on a social portal to show achievements and activities of women from rural areas. The campaign was accompanied by open events organised in Warsaw and Kraków, including film shows and debates on women from rural areas. A photographic competition was also organised with 61 participants. Selected works were presented during an exhibition which tried to challenge stereotypes on women from rural areas. The exhibition was also shown during the annual Festival Folkowisko organised in 2014 under the slogan "Culture is a countrywoman". Over 600 persons took part in the festival. Also activities directly addressed to active women from rural areas were led. Two trainings for 12 inhabitants of Cieszanów municipality were organised; they aimed at strengthening their leader competencies for activities in local communities.
Beneficiaries of the project were approx. 750 persons who directly participated in project activities.
We use the grant for capacity building