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Jarocin Culture Congress

Civic participation Completed
Jarocin District, Jarocin, Poland
2014-03-01 - 2016-04-30
255 570,17 PLN
229 758,17 PLN
local policies, culture
Project description
In the Jarocin county cooperation between institutions, NGOs and recipients in the field of culture was deficient. Recipients are ignored in decision-making, and their needs are not recognised. So far, the potential of cultural institutions as coordinators of activities of the cultural sector was not used. Municipal and county authorities failed to develop cultural policies. The long-term aim of the project was to develop a permanent model of cooperation in cultural sector in the county of Jarocin (between municipal cultural institutions, NGOs and municipalities), providing for participation in decision-making of authorities, recipients, animators and cultural institutions.
Based on results of surveys, recommendations were prepared to municipal cultural policies concerning taking into account the needs of recipients, consultations and joint calendar of events. Using the recommendations, the Jarocin Cultural Centre became since September 2015 a branch of the Library that creates the place (in space and program terms) together with inhabitants. In Żerkowo, the Library took the coordinating role in the field of culture, and cooperates with NGOs. The Social Council of Jarocin was created to consult decisions of town authorities concerning culture. Local entities and cultural animators were included in organisation of events under the Jarocin Festival.
Under the project, 7 training and discussion meetings of the Congress took place where recommendations on cultural policy were developed. A survey was led and summed up in a report. The Internet portal was launched gathering information on cultural events. 7 events were organised with participation of various entities, e.g. Night of Museums, Idea Generator, Shelf for boredom, a series of lectures on art history, the Day of Theatre, spring market, the portal Moje Miasto. The program for volunteerism in culture was also prepared.
Recipients of the activities were NGOs, cultural institutions and animators, local government, and recipients of culture in the Jarocin county.
The Partners: the Library and the Museum contributed their knowledge on cultural institutions and recipients, and meeting space; Południowa Oficyna informed on the project, and county authorities helped in contacting municipalities. The Regional Cultural Observatory UAM supervised the surveys. The Foundation of 750th Anniversary edited the recommendations from working groups.
We use the grant for capacity building