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Climatologists for Increased Civic Participation

Civic participation Completed
2014-02-03 - 2015-11-30
179 207,40 PLN
161 280,60 PLN
national policies, accessing public data
Project description
The project was a response to the social problem of the lack of open access to meteorological and hydrological data from the IMGW network of stations.
The aim of the project was to create a civil group of experts, owners of meteorological stations, meteorology hobbyists from all over Poland that could participate in activities for opening meteorological data through implementing good practices and amendments in legal regulations on reuse of public information.
As a result of advocacy activities led in the Parliament and the Senate, amendments to the act on reuse of information from public sector were adopted, opening from 01.01.2017 meteorological data for commercial and non-commercial use.
The advocacy activities led under the project contributed to the opening of meteorological data. Over 40 official letters and questions were sent during parliamentary and government works on the draft act on reuse of information from public sector.
4 two-day training and education workshops and 2 seminars were organised. The Internet page and PCA profile on Facebook were launched, to integrate meteorology and climatology hobbyists and academic scientists. Educational tools were prepared, such as a quiz, cloud atlas, and 4 iconographies on the process of law-making in the government and the Parliament and the rules for making available the meteorological data. 130 articles and other materials, and over 300 photos and drawings were posted on the Internet page of the project, as well as 165 posts on the PCA Facebook profile. To promote good practices, a base of meteorological stations sharing their data was created. Presently, the base includes 103 meteorological stations. Members of meteorology and climatology hobbyist organisations took part in the project. The advocacy activities in the Parliament were joined by members of the Association Skywarn Poland – the Polish Storm Hunters. The petition addressed to the minister of environment on 11.01.2016, signed by 353 persons, mainly beneficiaries of the project, played an important role in opening meteorological data.
We use the grant for capacity building