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Social supervision over the most valuable forest resources in Poland

Public scrutiny Completed
Naturalists Club, Świebodzin, Poland
2014-04-01 - 2016-04-30
385 689,44 PLN
345 192,57 PLN
environment protection/sustainable developement
Project description
The forest management plans (FMP) fail to take into account natural qualities of forest areas. Management in natural parks is based on protection tasks. As a result of no social participation in developing protection plans and FMP, the forest management is focused on a long-term profits from selling timber without due respect for natural values of the areas. Another problem is certification of ecological timber: in Poland, most of the timber is sold with the ecological mark FSC, while the control of FSC certification is virtually non-existent and the certified entities fail to follow the FSC rules.
The aim of the project was to undertake activities to protect for the future generations the most valuable forests in Poland that are intensively exploited.
The activities were implemented through gathering information from national parks and forest inspectorates managing valuable forest areas, and preparing natural inventories. The processes of developing forest management and protection plans were joined. The focus were the most valuable forests in Poland – Białowieska, Karpacka and Borecka Forests. Destruction of habitats of protected species was revealed and brought to the attention of area managers, and sometimes reported to law enforcement agencies. FSC certification audits were joined that decide on awarding to forest inspectorates the FSC certification facilitating selling of timber. Consultation meetings were attended on forest management plans, as well as meetings with the Council of Europe delegation and representatives of the Ministry of Environment. Several dozens of media reports were prepared on protection of valuable forests.
Numerous new habitats of particular species were discovered that, according to EU laws, should be protected to maintain valuable areas. The most valuable forest areas were covered by protection. Many proofs were presented that forests are managed in violation of FSC standards. An intervention was undertaken in the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO on the Białowieska Forest, leading to launching explanatory procedures by the institutions.
The project benefited persons engaged in protection of the most valuable forests.
The partner mainly monitored national parks.
We use the grant for capacity building