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Wow! Community Centers. Participatory Culture Policy Process in Rural Areas

Civic participation Completed
2014-02-03 - 2016-03-31
159 348,94 PLN
137 352,01 PLN
local policies, rural areas, culture
Project description
The project was implemented in the municipalities Błażowa (Podkarpackie voivodeship), Dźwierzuty (Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship), Kleszczele (Podlaskie voivodeship), Łabowa (Małopolskie), where inhabitants had the sense that they had no influence on local cultural policies and where also coordination in cultural activities between public, private and social institutions was deficient.
The aim of the project was to introduce participatory planning in culture and to bring back public functions to village clubrooms.
Four strategies for cultural development in the municipalities were developed, and local inhabitants participated in decision-making processes during their development and implementation. The participants learned how to plan and organise cultural events, some of them ventured into fields of activity that were quite new for them. Persons active in animation learned new methods of work. Workers of cultural centres and other institutions learned about the needs of inhabitants. Formerly refurbished, but not fully used village clubrooms were returned to life. As a result of workshop activities, in one of the municipalities a clubroom for youth was opened. In three municipalities, informal groups were created to coordinate cultural activities.
The project was implemented at two levels - local, in selected 16 villages where local clubrooms were situated, and central, in four cultural centres, where strategies for whole municipalities were developed.
Under the first phase of the project, surveys were led in 16 villages. Their results were summed up during workshops, and based on them developmental objectives and lists of activities were prepared, of which one was selected for each village clubroom in the form of local inhabitants' project. Effects of the work in villages were summed up during workshops organised in cultural centres. Then, strategies for cultural development were prepared that are presently implemented. 349 persons participated in workshops in all municipalities. The meetings gathered representatives of local authorities, public institutions, NGOs and informal groups. Most of the participants had no previous experience in participatory planning and workshop activities.
We use the grant for capacity building