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Unique Activity Academy

Counteracting exclusion Completed
Wolontarja-ty Association, Łódź, Poland
2014-04-01 - 2016-04-29
248 104,31 PLN
222 804,31 PLN
voluntary service
Project description
Łódź is described as a city of residents threatened with social exclusion for reasons of poor living standards (in 2012, 100,000 – around 14% - residents used social welfare support), salaries ranking among the lowest in Poland, an approximate unemployment rate of 12% (2012), and a 25% share of persons above productivity age. Łódź has around 30,000 Food bank beneficiaries: the unemployed, persons addicted to psychoactive substances, the homeless, single mothers seeking shelter from violence, chronic disease sufferers, health- and old-age pensioners, and others.
The project purpose was to change participant attitudes, ranging from passivity and discouragement with social life to negative reality outlook. Involvement of the excluded based on social role reversal, on transition from requiring support to offering help and thus developing self-esteem. Thanks to the Extraordinary Activities Academy, 140 persons developed new skills and engaged in volunteer work to assist others.
Project participants helped set up the Academy board and project team, allowing them to co-decide about all activities launched. Seven 3-month training cycles were designed, 20 persons per cycle. One hundred and forty persons attended theoretical training courses in home budget management, office work, nutrition, labour health and safety (36h), volunteer work (130h), and social campaign organisation classes, attending social campaigns themselves. Tutor assistance (20h) and psychological aid expert aid was offered. An “ABC of Volunteer Work” manual was published. All participants were issued a Volunteer Work Leader certificate.
Project participants included 140 persons threatened with social exclusion for reason of addiction, poverty, and homelessness – clients of centres working with Food Banks.
The project partner – the WolontarJA-TY Association – was responsible for recruiting participants and preparing activities for the needful. Association representatives attended Project Board works.
We use the grant for capacity building