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Mobile Lawyer

Counteracting exclusion Completed
Polish Social Aid Committee - Municipal Board, Mikołów, Poland
Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Mikołów- Borowa Wieś, Poland
"WE ARE" Association, Mikołów, Poland
2014-04-01 - 2016-04-30
388 183,53 PLN
349 182,88 PLN
Project description
In the region of Silesia none of the organizations and institutions provides free mobile legal advice, which answers the needs of the groups threatened by social exclusion. 5 years of the experience of the Association prove that there is great need for mobile support for the persons who because of serious disease and incapability cannot use professional and free legal advice which is provided on the premises of the organization or institution. Disability and permanent disease limits their activity in the family life as well as social and professional life, Thus such persons are prone to be excluded when it comes to legal protection possibilities.
The aim of the project was to improve their reach of legal advice and to increase the scope and forms of support mostly for disabled persons and those suffering from a disease, elderly persons and those in difficult situations who because of their health conditions can’t use the legal consulting offices, by creating mobile points of advice.
Thanks to the project 53 Points of Mobile Office of Legal Advice were created with 1195 information and legal advice delivered in the form of hotline and Mobile Points
The cooperation with 53 institutions which support persons vulnerable to social exclusion was initialized and mobile points of legal advice were created in those institutions. The legal advice was given during hours on duty in Mobile Point of legal Advice (700 persons), during hotline hours on duty (495 persons), during The Open Days of Advice (107 persons), and during group lectures (598 persons).
2100 persons vulnerable to social exclusion in the Silesian voievodship benefited from the project.
The partners helped in organizing civil advice, promotional campaign, preparing monthly reports with recommendations on needed forms and methods of support.
We use the grant for capacity building