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‘Believe in Yourself’ Activation Incubator in Krzanowice Town

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-04-01 - 2015-03-31
123 959,04 PLN
97 700,00 PLN
disability, integration
Project description
About 50 persons with intellectual disability live in Krzanowice. The persons have no social competencies that would allow them to function independently, are especially endangered by social exclusion and require specialist, permanent support in many areas of everyday life (e.g. legal, professional, psychological, social advisory services). At present, in the municipality there is no institution leading a program to activate persons with disability that could prepare them to independent functioning in social life. The project aimed at social reintegration of persons with intellectual disability and activation of their parents.
As a result of the implementation of the project, 15 persons with intellectual disability from the municipality of Krzanowice enhanced their social skills on average by 30%. Their 8 parents strengthened their psychosocial and communication competencies, and gained skills in applying for grants which will help in soliciting funds for further activities.
Under the activation incubator, persons with disability had the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills for independent functioning in social environment. Participants took part in systematic lessons (22 workshops and trips to make them more independent, 80 workshops on housekeeping, 67 meetings with lessons for developing interests - graphic, theatrical, photographic, as well as participation in events and work for local community), and their progress was constantly monitored by persons conducting the lessons. Participants meeting under the Parents Club strengthened their psychosocial and communication competencies as a result of participation in workshops led by therapist, psychologist, nutritionist and visagiste. Skills in soliciting funds in grant competitions will help to continue the activities in the future.
Beneficiaries of the project are 15 persons with intellectual disability and their 8 parents.
Partners of the project were non-governmental organisations active in the municipality - the Association "Chance for us" and the Social and Cultural Society of Germans in Śląskie voivodeship. They supported implementation of the project through promotion of the activities, lending premises and participation in refurbishing of the premises.
We use the grant for capacity building