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Preventing Soft Discrimination Against the Silesian Language Speakers

Combating discrimination Completed
2014-05-01 - 2015-12-31
171 344,56 PLN
154 209,31 PLN
Project description
The issue of soft discrimination has been highlighted in debates on Silesian web forums and in social media. Among others, persons speaking Silesian are discriminated against in the job application processes. To date, no effort has been made to research the phenomenon of language-based discrimination in Silesia. Members of the “Pro Loquela Silesiana” organisation noted that the attitude to language issues in Upper Silesia varies depending on gender. Women cultivate Silesian culture (language included) less frequently than men.
The project purpose was to research and reduce the soft discrimination of individuals using Silesian language in public.
The project allowed a study of the soft discrimination of persons speaking Silesian, and the delivery of promotional activities (primarily for women) to prevent the phenomenon. As a result, residents of the Silesian region became more aware of the discrimination of persons speaking Silesian in public.
Linguistic research and sociological questionnaire-based ex-ante and ex-post studies were carried out for a respondent community of 500 persons. Research confirmed that women are more frequently prone to soft discrimination than men in terms of their negative perception using the Silesian language in public.
A campaign to prevent the discrimination of persons speaking Silesian was organised, comprising the development of a blog-containing website, 5 photographic sessions, the distribution of 5,000 posters, the dissemination of 5 promotional videos on YouTube, and the use of outdoor advertising media (50 citylights and 63 billboards in Silesian cities). Three hundred copies of a Silesian-Polish dictionary were printed; in consequence, 11 institutions joined the public coalition to prevent the discrimination of persons speaking Silesian.
Project beneficiaries included more than 30,000 users reached by the media campaign.