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Zielonka Forest for Residents

Civic participation Completed
2014-02-10 - 2016-04-30
265 247,36 PLN
238 693,21 PLN
public institutions
Project description
The Landscape Park Zielonka Forest is a common good, but belongs, as it were, to nobody. The forest has many „hosts”, is situated in 5 municipalities, and many organisations and groups use it for different purposes. As a result, nobody feels fully responsible for the area, including local inhabitants and tourists.
The long-term aim of the project was to develop responsibility for the forest among persons and organisations using it, and to open institutions to the opinions of inhabitants when decisions are taken and future development is planned.
As a result of the project, the Social Strategy for Protection and Development of the Zielonka Forest was developed and consulted, based on the results of quantitative surveys on the needs and opinions of its users (845 persons). The strategy was agreed with representatives of 10 institutions from the area and consulted with inhabitants and organisations under project activities. The Participatory Model was also prepared to define tools and methods for including citizens in discussions on issues concerning the Zielonka Forest.
As a result of the implementation of the project, the problems and the needs of inhabitants as to using by them the Zielonka Forest were diagnosed – in addition to the above mentioned surveys, 5500 persons took part in consultations using many participation tools: 21 meetings/debates/panels/workshops, Consultation Point, meetings and outdoor posters, web page and FB.
The project resulted in higher awareness among inhabitants on protection needs in the Forest, and among institutions on the developments expected by inhabitants and the need to consult decisions. In the field of tourist infrastructure the results of consultations were already partially taken into account in activities of ZMPZ and are to be respected in planning future activities and budgets. The municipal authorities in Czerwonak took into account opinions on revitalisation of the Green Square.
The project benefited local inhabitants, tourists and organisations using the resources of Zielonka Forest.
The partner of the project was the Forest Inspectorate Łopuchówko that lent their premises for Consultation Point.
We use the grant for capacity building