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Overcoming Barriers Together

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-04-01 - 2014-11-30
60 822,13 PLN
54 639,13 PLN
Project description
In Gorlice, main public offices are not adapted to the needs of disabled persons. Only a fraction (6%) of buses are low-floor buses. Moving around the town streets is also hampered by the fact that the town lies in mountainous area. To cross different barriers is difficult even with the help of an assistant pushing the wheelchair and frequently requires additional help. Such help from persons who have no idea how to use wheelchairs often leads to dangerous situations.

The aim of the project was to counteract exclusion of persons with disabilities through securing greater safety while moving around the streets of the town and to persuade the persons and their families that they are not doomed to stay at home and can actively participate in social life, and even travel.

As a result of implementation of the project, the sense of safety on the part of persons with disabilities moving around the streets in the Gorlice county increased and the awareness of inhabitants and authorities on the commonness of architectural barriers encountered in the area was enhanced.

8 trainings were organised on safely moving around on the streets, crossing architectural barriers and talking to persons with disabilities that gathered 91 volunteers. A booklet and an instruction film on safely crossing architectural barriers with persons moving on wheelchairs (2000 copies, over 580 film shows) were published. A city game was organised during which participants had to cross barriers together with a person on a wheelchair (42 persons, including town councillors and the mayor). Persons with disabilities accompanied by volunteers took part in a trip to Zakopane (46 persons), in tourist rally (45 persons) and in training on self-presentation and overcoming mental barriers (10 persons). The training on self-presentation was also organised for volunteers (10 participants).

Beneficiaries of the project are 91 volunteers, 36 persons with disabilities and 42 inhabitants of Gorlice who took part in the city game.
We use the grant for capacity building