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Nihil Novi Nisi Commune Consensu (Nothing About Us Without Us) or Our Participation in Democracy

Children and youth Completed
Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Społeczno-Oświatowych
2014-03-03 - 2014-10-31
58 614,55 PLN
52 330,56 PLN
community engagement
Project description
The low level of public participation and civic involvement of young people in the Iwanowice Community is a mirror reflection of the low social capital across Poland. Poles are still not comfortable being citizens, i.e. people who are engaged and ready to decide on public issues. This is a major problem among young people and in rural areas (Youth Civic Education. Good Practices, Warsaw 2009). Civic education programmes are seen as major tools for promoting active citizenship. TheEurydice Citizenship Education in Europe Report published in 2012 defines civic education as a process of developing young people so that they can actively participate in social life and providing them with all adequate knowledge, skills and attitudes that will all them to make significant contributions to social development and wellbeing.
The objective of the project was to establish Village Youth Councils as vehicles for community engagement of local youth and for youth initiatives.
Three Village Youth Councils have been established in Widoma, Iwanowice and Sieciechowice with a total membership of 15 young people. 149 students have implemented 9 mini-projects that have helped them develop group work skills and better understand the way the local community operates and how citizens fit in with their rights and obligations.
Fifteen hours of civic education and project management classes were provided in three schools; 149 students implemented 9 mini-projects and developed a presentation about their outcomes. Students participated in two Local Council sessions and three meetings with village heads. Project beneficiaries included students and teachers in primary schools in Widoma, Iwanowice and Sieciechowice.
The Partner, "Meritum" Informal Education Association, conducted training for youth and teachers involved in the project.
We use the grant for capacity building