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Budget Game. Strengthening Public Participation in the Participatory Budget Process in Lublin

Civic participation Completed
Lublin Commune, Plac Króla Władysława Łokietka 1, 20-109 Lublin, Poland
Union of Polish Cities, ul. Robocza 42, 61-517 Poznań, Poland
2014-03-01 - 2016-02-29
388 523,94 PLN
349 391,44 PLN
participatory budgeting
Project description
Sometimes, participatory budgets are used instrumentally as a means to e.g. improve the image of the authorities or legitimise the already taken decisions. In such situations, the idea of the dialogue between interested parties is lost.
The aim of the project was to enhance the effectiveness of communication between the inhabitants of Lublin and local authorities, and to prepare the inhabitants to take part in the development of the participatory budget.
Participation in the project let the inhabitants of Lublin and Świdnik acquire the knowledge on town management and feel more responsible for the town finances. A Polish version of the Budget Games, an education game on city budget, was prepared, as well as a publication on the game and participatory budget addressed to participation practitioners.
Under the project an analysis of the existing Polish participatory budgets was prepared. The American game, Budget Games, was translated into Polish and adapted to Polish realities. In Lublin and Świdnik, in all, eight games were played with participation of 434 persons. To promote the project activities and the participatory budget, an artistic competition for children was organised in cooperation with the city library. A publication presenting experiences from the implementation of the project and the results of the analysis of participatory budgets was prepared. Its copies were given away during nationwide conference ending the project that gathered 70 persons.
The project recipients were the inhabitants of Lublin and Świdnik, local officers, councillors, organisations leading activities to strengthen participation.
The Icelandic partner, the Citizens Foundation, shared their experiences in effective promotion of participatory budgets in Reykjavik. The municipality of Lublin offered assistance in organising and promoting the project activities, as well as a network of contacts and personnel support. The Union of Polish Cities helped in preparation of the publication and the game.
We use the grant for capacity building