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Support Centre for Women (SCW)

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-03-01 - 2015-06-30
306 179,00 PLN
250 000,00 PLN
violence, women, homelessness
Project description
In Śląskie voivodeship, the help offered to women endangered by social exclusion and homelessness and their children remains insufficient. As shown by experiences gathered by the grant-taker, most of the centres for women offer short-term, basic assistance: shelter and food. Comprehensive and specialist approach is lacking that would take into account specific needs and problems of women and children.

The aim of the project was to counteract social exclusion of women and their children by covering them with comprehensive care, to help them in overcoming life crises and regaining the ability to play family and social roles.

Participation in the project helped to improve psychological condition of 87 women, to increase their competencies in caring for and raising their children, and to enhance their life skills and to improve their relations with children.
Women in difficult life situations (including victims of violence) were provided with 24-hour shelter and food, specialist therapeutic assistance, also for their children, and stay in Re-adaptation Flats (12 women). As a result of the activities, 41 women became independent and left the centre (together with 33 children), and 16 even found jobs. 24 women started treatment (20 of them in the Centre for Prevention and Treatment of Addictions, and 4 in daytime psychiatric ward).
Support was given to 153 persons (87 women and 66 children).
We use the grant for capacity building