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Active Community for Mutual Support

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-03-01 - 2015-09-30
190 835,39 PLN
168 613,39 PLN
health/healthcare, self-help/self-advocacy
Project description
Autistic persons are usually not prepared to live independently and are dependent on care from their families or assistance institutions. At the moment, there are no means to secure a decent life for autistic adults if their guardians die or lose their ability to take care of them.

The aim of the project was to help parents to prepare individual plans for socialisation of autistic persons and to give them a chance for living in good conditions after their guardians pass away.

As a result of implementation of the project, two self-help groups of parents and their adult and adolescent children in the autism spectrum were created, gathering 25 parents and 18 children. Plans for integration and social adaptation activities for their children were developed by half of the parents. Participants integrated to the point that willingness to continue activities within support groups was declared by 13 parents and 10 children.

29 meetings of self-help groups were organised where parents developed plans of assistance for their children, prepared themselves to cooperate with volunteers and conducted their recruitment. After training, the volunteers gave direct support consisting in looking after autistic persons in the houses of participants and during meetings of the self-help groups (over 700 hours of support provided by 28 volunteers). When implementing individual plans for integration and self-sufficiency, trainings of social skills for autistic persons and their parents were conducted. Parents participating in the self-help groups took part in 4 thematic seminars which finally resulted in more detailed development of the system of support for autistic adults.

Beneficiaries of the project were 18 autistic adolescents and adults, and their 25 guardians.
We use the grant for capacity building