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Combating discrimination Completed
2014-02-03 - 2016-02-29
254 713,92 PLN
225 000,00 PLN
education system, violence, women
Project description
Gender-based violence at school occurs in physical and symbolic forms. Empirical studies (for instance by Prof. Lucyna Kopciewicz) indicate prevalence of violence against girls, resulting from judgment of their appearance. On the other hand boys experience their identity being restrained by the promotion of macho image as the only available model of real masculinity, which indirectly is the reason why they become perpetrators of violence. Polish school is a place of oppressive construction of gender identity. The education system fails to notice this phenomenon, especially when violence happens in virtual space. In Warmia-Masuria Province training for teachers to enable them to recognize and deal with these kinds of problems is lacking. The aim of the project was to focus on school-related gender-based discrimination and to supply teachers and students with an education tool enabling to consolidate knowledge and skills to cope with violence and cyberviolence.
The project enabled students and teachers in 30 schools of the Warmia-Masuria Province to receive an innovative education tool – an online game covering the problem of gender-based discrimination. More than 80% of teachers have increased their knowledge level about this phenomenon through workshops organized in the schools. Problems among students were solved as well. Anti-discrimination classes were held in 30 schools – 290 hours of training for teachers and 120 hours of workshops for students. During workshops an educational online game on gender-based school violence and cyberviolence was used. So far 411 people have played it. 259 teachers and 532 students took part in the project.
We use the grant for capacity building