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District Councils in Katowice

Civic participation Completed
2014-02-17 - 2016-04-17
63 461,86 PLN
56 761,86 PLN
local government
Project description
When the application was filed, in Katowice the Auxiliary Unit Councils (AUC) were functioning in less than half of the city districts, and the city inhabitants were not aware about their presence and activities undertaken by persons participating in them.
The aim of the project was to promote the Councils in Katowice.
Under the project the following activities were organised:
- ten training sessions that gathered over a hundred persons,
- over twenty open meetings for the inhabitants of the city districts,
- a dozen or so initiatives to collect signatures in support for establishing the Auxiliary Unit Councils.
As a result, 19 Auxiliary Unit Councils are now present in Katowice.
The project benefited mainly city district activists who wanted to formalise their activities under the city structures and to obtain new tools to communicate with the City Hall. The project also benefited inhabitants of the city districts where the Auxiliary Unit Councils were created, for they now have new representatives of their interests.
We use the grant for capacity building