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Local Activity Centre In Pierzchnica Municipality

Counteracting exclusion Completed
Municipal Public Library, Pierzchnica, Poland
2014-08-04 - 2016-04-30
69 000,00 PLN
62 000,00 PLN
community engagement
Project description
2013 research by the Regional Social Policy Centre proved that Świętokrzyskie voivodship residents are mutually distanced and extremely cautious in relationships with others. The youngest respondents are the most cautious, not a good sign for the regional civic society. While approximately 1/5 of Pierzchnica municipality residents declare personal effort and commitment to public affairs, the share of the young is a low 14%. Only 10% of respondents have attended any form of organised social life. The majority of Pierzchnica municipality residents show no interest in acting to support their own community.
The project purpose was to reduce the rate of social exclusion in the Pierzchnica municipality by activating residents, creating integration conditions for the local community, and initiating self-help initiatives.
The sense of ownership of the place and local group and of responsibility for the local municipality was improved. A Local Activity Centre and Time bank are in operation.
A leadership group was trained (14 persons, 16 hours); they participated in delivering the following: expert consultations (physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist, dietician, psychologist, massage therapist, speech therapist – 64 hours, 96 attendants); themed workshops (art, cuisine, ecology, motivation, sports – 44 hours, 264 attendants); aerobics (24 hours, 67 attendants); cultural events: meet a writer (46 attendants), family fete (around 80 attendants); summer holiday fete (around 100 attendants), cinema (50 viewers) and theatre (2 trips – Kielce and Radom – for 74 viewers), 2 open air film show (a total of 72 viewers), “Earth Days”, book evening, poetry competition, field trip to Oblęgorek (50 attendants). A Time Bank of service bartering was set up – 45 persons registered, 66 services were provided.
Project beneficiaries included 264 residents of the Pierzchnica municipality in the Świętokrzyskie voivodship.
The partner co-organised the opening and closing gala, the meet a writer session, and the book evening.