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Spatial Planning is a Child's Play

Children and youth Completed
Stowarzyszenie "Harmonia"
Bytom Odrzański
The municipality of Nowe Miasteczko, Nowe Miasteczko, Poland
2014-08-04 - 2015-07-31
151 398,34 PLN
136 055,34 PLN
hate speech
Project description
Polish schools do not address spatial planning in their curricula. Young people often do not know how landscape is managed in their communities and how they are affected by surroundings on a daily basis. Neither do they know whether they have any control of their own landscape. Children are never consulted nor are their true needs taken into consideration in local policy decisions.
In the long term, the project aimed at giving a voice to children so that they can influence spatial planning and making local governments aware of the need to involve children in policy making.
102 pupils from 10 primary schools in County Nowa Sól learned about modern sustainable spatial planning. Children's Spatial Planning Councils were created in 5 schools and officials in 8 municipalities received training on the role of children in spatial planning. Scenarios were developed for workshops and school classes about spatial planning to be included in the regular civics course.
Ten individuals were trained to deliver innovativespatial planning workshops for children; 500 hours of workshops for over 100 children in 10 schools. Ten discovery walks were organised during which children explored the local spatial and architectural environment. In addition, 32 local officials attended workshops on involving children in spatial policy making.
The project reached 102 pupils in 10 primary schools in County Nowa Sól and involved 10 teacher who facilitated the workshops, and 32 local officials.
The project was implemented in partnership with the local government of Nowe Miasteczko which co-ordinated interactions with other municipalities in the county.
We use the grant for capacity building