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“Community Master Academy” Citizenship Promotion Program

Children and youth Completed
2014-08-11 - 2016-03-07
254 404,49 PLN
223 089,91 PLN
Project description
The report “The lifestyle of young people in Białystok” shows that when they are in difficulties, over 50 per cent of young people will request assistance from their families and friends. Only 1 per cent declared that that they would trust somebody else, but nobody identified an NGO or an informal group as the source of professional help. Over 8 per cent said that they had nobody to ask for help.
In their system of values, the need to feel useful and needed is ranked 10, and helping others is ranked 11. For the students of vocational schools, the key values for public interest are the least important. The study on the lifestyle and attitudes of the young people in Białystok show that they are not interested in participating in civil society, they are not active in any organizations, they do not participate in cultural activities. They appear to be distant and hostile towards minorities, especially towards sexual minorities, refugees and black people.
The educational system does not create coherent pro-social behaviour patterns, students do not have the opportunity to develop their social skills at school.
The aim of the project was to set up a group of young social leaders in Białystok coming from socially excluded communities. They were to help developing a new form of citizenship and personal development within the established Academy of Social Champions.
The project implementation enabled providing systematic and continuous developmental support to 32 young people from various communities, including socially excluded groups. Some participants created their own informal organizations: “Extra Class AMS”, “Group PKP – Patrycja, Karolina, Paweł” and “Faces of Podlasie”.
All project participants were actively involved in implementing the social projects addressed to the inhabitants of Białystok. They developed and implemented 7 urban projects. 2 educational games were created for working with young people. 2 terms of training for young people were conducted, including an educational path and social activities path
This new innovative and comprehensive programme of working with young people facing social exclusion is now ready for implementation in other parts of Poland.
The project beneficiaries were secondary school students from socially excluded communities in Białystok.
We use the grant for capacity building