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Support For People In Debt

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-10-01 - 2016-04-30
371 425,44 PLN
330 710,44 PLN
Project description
The social assistance system conducts no timely preventive activities for persons endangered by indebtedness. Social workers see debts as a private matter of their clients, but also have no appropriate tools to help them (R. Pomianowski, Psychological effects of indebtedness, 2011). One of the tasks within the policy of preventing homelessness should be to develop District Homelessness Preventive Programs based on cooperation between assistance institutions, creditors and NGOs, including financial advisory services (The system of homelessness prevention and assistance for homeless persons in Warsaw, 2013).
The aim of the project was improve the system of non-financial social services and strengthen the intersectoral cooperation for persons endangered by social exclusion because of bad financial situation.
In 9 districts of Warsaw, support systems were created (the Bureau of Civil Advisory Services - Social Assistance Centre - local NGOs) that permanently improved the quality of services for persons endangered by exclusion. 3232 persons participated in the activities. The indicator of activity in overcoming bad life situations was in the group 63.3%.
A seminar was organised on co-production of public services (33 participants), as well as trainings for social workers (144 participants) and inhabitants endangered by social exclusion (143 participants). In 9 advisory points 3232 indebted persons were consulted and were given 11 246 advices, including 1202 deepened consultations in financial education. 724 persons were covered by broadened social support. Their situation was discussed during 146 meetings of interdisciplinary teams. Three booklets were published on: planning domestic budget, consequences of indebtedness, ways of overcoming such situations (27 000 copies).
The project activities benefited directly 3232 persons endangered by exclusion in 9 districts of Warsaw: Wola, Praga Północ, Praga Południe, Bielany, Mokotów, Śródmieście, Targówek, Ursus and Wawer.
Three partners with knowledge on the situation of persons most endangered by social exclusion and homelessness participated in development of the principles for local support systems, helped in recruitment and implementation of action plans for the least resourceful clients, lend their premises.
We use the grant for capacity building