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Let's Open Life To Them

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-10-30 - 2016-04-30
275 669,31 PLN
237 548,44 PLN
disability, integration
Project description
Usually, persons with intellectual disabilities are not prepared for unassisted life, and remain dependent on their families or caregiver institutions. When their guardians die, they are placed in social assistance homes – losing their families, homes, friends, and familiar surroundings in a split second. Since 2006, guardians and parents of persons with intellectual disabilities have been pointing to the need of preparing their charges for unassisted living.
The project purpose was to improve the independence of persons with intellectual disabilities and to change their image in social rehabilitation.
Thirty-one persons with intellectual disabilities attended a ‘living independently’ training course, comprising a stay in a mock training flat and classes in useful daily skills.
The project began with meetings with participants to discuss the rules of shared residence space.
A total of 338 hours of independent living training and workshops were delivered (money management, sewing, computer literacy, healthy lifestyle and physical activity, meal planning and preparation, personal hygiene, beauty care).
Approximate groups of 5 practiced their new skills during stays in a mock (training) flat, accompanied by assistants who provided any help necessary, but did not perform any chores for training participants. Practice stays lasted no less than one day, and were extended with time, up to 2-3 weeks in some cases. Participants prepared meals, kept the flat and its immediate surroundings in order, and organised their leisure time. Neighbours and local service providers offered positive feedback, describing participants as cultured and conforming to social co-operation norms. Once the project closed, 5 persons expressed a wish to live independently outside their family homes, and 15 – interest in extended stays at the training flat.
The project was attended by 31 adult persons with intellectual disabilities.
We use the grant for capacity building