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Give The Homeless A Stronger Voice

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-09-01 - 2015-08-31
335 030,60 PLN
300 027,64 PLN
law, homelessness
Project description
Report from implementation of activities for homeless people by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of 2013 estimates that there are 31 thousands of them. Simultaneously with protection activities directed to homeless people that are required by law from municipalities, activities to prevent perpetuating and widening of the problem, as well as activities to help particular persons to exit homelessness should be undertaken. One of the elements of the support system should be - as shown by experiences of the grant-taker - specialised counselling and advocacy services, because in places offering counselling services addressed to general public, homeless persons feel "excluded". Advisory and advocacy services directed exclusively to homeless persons and led by persons acquainted with the specificity of the problem are very rare.
The aim of the project was to enhance the scope and forms of support for homeless people through advocacy and advisory services offered by professionally prepared advocates.
As a result of the implemented activities, homeless persons in 10 localities were given access to specialised advisory services and could receive support from an advocate in their contacts with institutions while they tried to solve their problems.
Advisory points were organised by 10 divisions of the organisation. In 4 of them homeless person advocates were instituted for the first time. Initial training was organised for persons playing the role of advocates, concerning mainly basic legal issues, social assistance system and civil education. Advocates were given opportunity to consult difficult issues with an expert specialising in social assistance. In the middle of the project, a meeting for them to evaluate advocacy activities and exchange experiences was organised. Advocates helped 693 persons, gave 729 advices and represented their clients in 187 cases.
The partner helped in effective implementation of the project by participating in its promotion and recruitment of advocates, and by accepting advocacy as one of the tasks of the Saint Brother Albert`s Aid Society.
We use the grant for capacity building