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Shipyard Is Of Female Gender – Project For Female and Male Seniors

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-09-01 - 2016-03-31
383 758,45 PLN
343 286,20 PLN
voluntary service, elderly people, women
Project description
Polish society grows old, and the scale of social exclusion increases with age (Report Social Watch, 2010). In Pomerania one of the most excluded ar retired workers of the Gdańsk Shipyard – a symbol of the socio-political transformation, and formerly a place of work of tens of thousands people, including even 5,000 women. At present, these retired women are victims of a double exclusion – as a senior and a woman. They became invisible. Their professional merit and activities for democratization of the society are ignored.
The aim of the project was to counteract the exclusion of the seniors – former workers of the Shipyard – through their stimulation on social and digital ground (informal education and common activities for recording and publicizing information about women’s work in the Gdańsk Shipyard).
Thanks to the project realization 542 seniors engaged in collecting and publicizing information about women’s work in the Gdańsk Shipyard (oral history).
341 persons took part in the workshops on computer and internet skills, and 201 persons took part in the thematic workshops (storytelling, conducting interviews, digital social archives, mobile application development, art therapy, guide course). 60 persons actively engaged in development of the project’s products. 40 interviews with the Shipyard workers have been recorded. They were the basis of four radio plays. A sightseeing route was created, 60 walks were conducted in the former shipyard. A mobile app was developed for people visiting the Shipyard and a publication with collected materials supplemented with methodological texts on usage of oral history for activities supporting excluded groups.
Beneficiaries of the project were 542 seniors from Gdańsk and its environs.
Partners of the project were: Urban Culture Institute (implementation of the project and substantial in organising the walks), Women’s History Archives of the National Library of Iceland (workshops on story crafing based on biographical material); as well a representative of the Oslo and Akershus University College conducted workshops on storytelling.
We use the grant for capacity building