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Counteracting various aspects of violence towards immigrant women in Pomorskie region.

Combating discrimination Completed
Immigrant Support Center, Gdynia, Poland
2014-10-01 - 2015-12-31
106 114,81 PLN
95 442,81 PLN
refugees and migrants, violence, women
Project description
Reports show that migrant women and representatives of ethnic minorities are among the most exposed to gender-based and prejudice-driven violence, and the least protected against it. Measures for counteracting violence against women are scarce in the Pomeranian Province, and available assistance fails to take into consideration the special situation of women immigrants and members of ethnic minorities.
The project aimed to enable immigrant women to have access to the existing forms of aid by raising their awareness about violence and informing them about the possibility to seek help, as well as to improve services offered by local institutions and aid organisations by taking into account cultural differences.
The project enabled 18 immigrant women acquire knowledge about violence and benefit from legal and psychological support. 43 persons representing various institutions and organisations were trained within the subject of violence against immigrant women.
Five workshops and training courses in total were organised for immigrant women (18 people) and public institutions and organisations (43 people), developing their knowledge and sensitivity to the problem of violence. During a seminar members of interdisciplinary teams on violence from Tricity together with immigrant women launched a network against violence. Leaflets in Russian and English were published (20,000 copies), presenting the phenomenon of violence and including contact details of trusted, trained specialists. An online report was published covering legal information on the protection of immigrants in Poland, the specificities of violence based on gender, origin, migration status etc.; interviews with immigrant women who have experienced violence, and recommendations. 28h of legal assistance and 56h of psychological assistance were provided to women experiencing violence or discrimination. An expert on discrimination, a Roma woman, has intervened with regards to Roma community matters, educating and promoting Roma culture and perspectives.
Immigrant women and employees of local institutions and organisations took part in the project.
The project’s partner input included expertise within migration and facilitation of contacts with women immigrants.
We use the grant for capacity building