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School Voluntary Clubs for Deaf Young People in Małopolska

Children and youth Completed
Nowy Sącz
2014-10-01 - 2016-03-31
249 469,66 PLN
223 329,66 PLN
voluntary service
Project description
Research conducted by the Polish Deaf Union in 2013 shows that over half of the hard of hearing population aged 15-20 would like to volunteer their time but only 6 per cent have had such an experience. Young people with disabilities hardly ever become volunteers not only because their deficits prevent them from engaging along with their healthy peers but also because they are not well integrated into the community or remain passive.
The project aimed at developing and supporting voluntary activities among youth in Specialist School and Education Centres for Deaf Students in the Małopolska Province.
The project formed six Student Volunteering Clubs in Nowy Sącz, Bochnia, Brzesko, Cracow and Tarnów. This helped develop a group of young leaders who can engage in local community initiatives. Young people with disabilities organised 15 volunteering campaigns and events targeting both the hearing impaired and healthy population. Young volunteers gained technical and management support from their tutors who had been trained within this project. The project developed a Multimedia Volunteer Guidebook and website:
Project beneficiaries included deaf and hard of hearing youth from several Centres in the Małopolska Province.
The project partner, the Polish Deaf Union, Małopolska Chapter, was responsible for recruiting participants and organising the study visit. Moreover, it provided professional sign language interpreters for project participants.
We use the grant for capacity building