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Put Family Violence to A Stop

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-09-01 - 2015-12-31
190 669,49 PLN
170 899,10 PLN
family, violence
Project description
The problem of domestic violence concerns a considerable group of the clients of the Caritas Centre in Toruń - the families experiencing social exclusion. Children growing up in the environment where domestic violence is common usually inherit the problem. Social assistance centres fail to conduct social work focused on identifying the causes of the problem and offering appropriate solutions, directed to families where violence occurs.
The project aimed at rebuilding family ties through eliminating violent situations, proposing new fields of activity, appropriate forms of communication, methods for relieving tension.
As a result of the activities, in 25 families the negative effects of violence were reduced, and in 22 of them family ties were rebuilt. 27 victims of violence enhanced their competencies in possible rescue activities, and 10 violence offenders acquired skills in managing difficult emotions.
Among 26 adult victims of violence and 20 under-age victims or witnesses of violence, a growth of self-respect was observed.
Two assistants performed social work, visiting each of the 30 families every two-three weeks, and contacting institutions that have bearing on their lives. Three self-help groups were moderated (in all 16 persons and on average 45 hours of meetings). Legal and psychological advisory services were conducted, used respectively by 24 and 37 persons. For 14 violence offenders workshops were organised using the Duluth method (30 hours), as well as aggression substitution training (33 hours) and individual meetings with addiction therapist (48 hours). For 30 children being victims or witnesses of violence (3 groups) socio-therapeutic workshops (in all 54 hours) and aggression substitution trainings (in all 72 hours) were organised, as well as artherapeutic workshops (in all 140 hours) and socio-therapeutic workshops (in all 104 hours) for whole families (5 groups). Persons with special needs were offered the help of speech therapist (four children, 42 hours) and psychiatrist (8 adults and 5 children, in all 44 hours), family mediations (five couples, 47 hours). Eight cultural and reintegration excursions were also organised (38 parents and children).
The support covered 30 families with the problem of violence in Toruń and Chełmża: 14 violence perpetrators and 30 adult and 30 under-age violence victims.
We use the grant for capacity building