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New dimension to consultations

Civic participation Completed
Olsztyn Municipal Office, Olsztyn, Poland
2014-09-01 - 2016-04-30
229 647,42 PLN
205 687,42 PLN
local policies
Project description
In Olsztyn, the dissatisfaction of citizens concerning the methods of conducting social consultations and civil participation was growing – the Olsztyn Civil Budget ended up with intervention of public prosecutors, and the press published many articles criticising the activities of the City Hall in this field. In 2014, the City Hall decided to start cooperation with the European Association for Education and Development PIONIER.
The aim of the project was to enhance the quality of social consultations in Olsztyn, increaseparticipation of inhabitants and create a space where inhabitants could participate in decisions on the matters concerning their city.
As a result of the project activities, the Standard for Social Consultations was developed and later implemented in the form of ISO procedure concerning conducting social consultations.
During 33 workshops, inhabitants, housing complex councillors and city officers were trained in the methods and the practice of social participation. During 12 meetings two working groups developed the Standard for Social Consultations and prepared the material „How to act effectively?” that was included in the final publication for local officers and non-governmental organisations. Workshops for the youth were organised, after which the students conducted consultations on the Centre for Youth Volunteerism and Activation. Based on the developed Standard, pilot consultations of the program of cooperation between the City Hall and non-governmental organisations were led. Based on the project experiences, the publication „Social Consultations in Practice” was prepared, describing the state of consultations in Olsztyn and presenting developed tools.
In the project participated employees of city offices, representatives of housing complex councils, members of non-governmental organisations and inhabitants of Olsztyn of different ages. The partner of the project was the City Hall of Olsztyn. Its tasks included: helping in recruiting members of the project (employees of the hall), promotion of the project activities, expert support in preparing the consultation procedure and implementation of the developed solutions.
We use the grant for capacity building