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Model consultations concerning revitalising the Dragon Barracks in Olsztyn

Civic participation Completed
2014-10-01 - 2015-07-31
193 148,45 PLN
173 148,45 PLN
revitalisation, spatial planning
Project description
Dragon Barracks are a degraded complex of historical military buildings located in the centre of Olsztyn. For several years, a group of non-governmental organisations and architects have tried to persuade city authorities to thoroughly revitalise the area, so that it can retain its character and can be made available to inhabitants. Debates were organised, a project of revitalisation was prepared by social activists, but the authorities took no decisions. The aim of the project was to conduct public consultations on the future of Dragon Barracks. They were intended to show the scale of social support for the idea of revitalisation of the area and quicken the decision-making process on the part of the city authorities. The present state of the Dragon Barracks and preferences of inhabitants were diagnosed - a civic conception for the future of the barracks and respective Citizens’ Legislative Initiative were prepared. The president of the city declared that conclusions of the report can be taken into account when the relevant land use plan will be prepared. Sociological surveys and workshop methods used in the project were then applied in public consultations organised by the city hall.
Under the project, quantitative and qualitative sociological surveys were led on a group of 432 persons, a series of workshops, as well as seminars and research walks for inhabitants (approx. 300 persons) were organised. An Internet knowledge base was created on the Dragon Barracks and the final report from consultations was prepared, containing civic recommendations concerning ownership structure, management of the area and short- and long-term changes in the area of the barracks.
Beneficiaries of the project were inhabitants of Olsztyn.
Partners of the project supported it organisationally (by granting space for meetings) and professionally (e.g. by participating in organising the workshops or in preparing the report).
We use the grant for capacity building