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The School of Dialogue

Children and youth Completed
2014-09-01 - 2016-03-31
371 572,00 PLN
250 000,00 PLN
voluntary service, community engagement
Project description
Limited knowledge about the multicultural past and a religious and ethnic homogeneity have had an enormous impact on how local communities perceive interculturalism and diversity. Anti-Semitism is an issue in Poland. According to research conducted by the Prejudice Study Centre of the University of Warsaw, anti-Semitism is particularly strong in central and south-eastern Poland. This is where the Jewish community was the largest before WWII. Today, it is in these regions that you are likely to find unmarked and neglected synagogues and prayer houses, and anti-Semitic or racist slogans or graffiti on Jewish cemeteries.
The project aimed at promoting tolerance and respect for diversity among youth living in communities inhabited by major Jewish communities before WWII and at alerting young people to anti-Semitism and xenophobia.
The project was implemented in 30 communities where youth groups have formed and now use the new skills to develop community initiatives that address the historic cultural diversity of their communities. Enhanced workshop education scenarios and tutorials were developed to support students and activities in future programme rounds. Fifteen new individuals joined the trainer group and received training along with established educators in the Foundation. Project beneficiaries included youth in several dozen communities in central and south eastern Poland.
We use the grant for capacity building