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I Can Help – Volunteering In An Inpatient Therapy And Care Facility For Adults

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2014-09-01 - 2015-12-31
103 249,00 PLN
92 449,00 PLN
health/healthcare, voluntary service
Project description
The organization’s experiences show that in the area of care for dependent adults staffing in Polish nursing homes is often insufficient and non-medical care not provided.
The intent of the project was to ensure support for people living with HIV/AIDS, who are in need of long-term care, in the ECO “School of Life” center in Wandzin through the introduction of non-medical volunteer work.
Thanks to the project, a team of volunteers was created, thus remediating insufficient staffing in the nursing home and capable of serving also other facilities.
The activities covered the establishment of a team of 10 volunteers, which has improved the functioning of the center in Wandzin and the quality of life of 30 people staying in the facility. Therapeutic staff (16 people), medical staff (19 people) and 3 volunteer coordinators were trained within professional communication and volunteering, while 20 volunteers were trained within the subjects related to HIV/AIDS and addictions. 30 HIV/AIDS patients, disabled, elderly, substance-dependent and incapable to function independently, therefore in need of long-term care, were covered by volunteer support. A model for the implementation of non-medical volunteering in a nursing home has been developed and promoted as a ready-made model online, as well as in printed folders and an e-mailing campaign targeted at 100 nursing facilities all across Poland. An animated cartoon was also prepared, available on the center’s website – and on YouTube - The model developed is publicly available on a free license.
The beneficiaries of the project included 30 residents of the facility and 10 volunteers.
The Regional Volunteer Centre in Słupsk served as the project partner and participated in the development and implementation of the model, as well as offered expertise and advice. The partner has also carried out training courses for the staff and volunteers on the subject of volunteering.
We use the grant for capacity building