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I already know how local government works

Civic participation Completed
2014-10-01 - 2016-03-31
68 744,03 PLN
61 744,03 PLN
public finances, accessing public data
Project description
The project focussed on the low level of participation in public life by rural residents. In the cities, largely thanks to „urban activism movements”, we can observe a growing interest in public issues. In the rural areas, such involvement is very limited. This particularly concerns “new” inhabitants of suburban areas, who lock themselves behind tall walls, in their manicured gardens. According to the organisation’s diagnosis, one of the reasons for such passivity is the lack of knowledge about the workings of local government at the lowest level, including budget planning, designing public spaces, and civic participation. Increasing the knowledge, showing the mechanisms of the system of local government, and translating the difficult clerical jargon into a more understandable language were meant to increase the residents’ participation in public life. The project’s objective was to improve their knowledge about the finances of the local government, and increase their participation in budget and spatial planning. The project was also aimed at involving local residents with the community affairs and increasing attendance at meetings concerning the village fund, as well as introducing a civic initiative mechanism for improving the aesthetics of public space. Local residents learned about the operation of local government. The meetings, workshops and information on leaflets and maps drew them into decision making about the appearance of the surrounding space. Consequently, the number of people attending village meetings increased. An independent website providing information about the local government and its activity was created. Seven days of workshops and conferences were attended by 189 residents of different ages. During the workshop on designing public spaces, the participants prepared an outline design for the school garden. NGOs were trained in networking and starting new initiatives. A simplified version of the area development plan was created (4 coloured charts were prepared, presenting the most important areas of development). Expense maps for 2015 and 2016, as well as leaflets on the village fund were prepared and delivered to every house in the community. The (how the local government website was opened, and published updated information and materials. The project was addressed to all residents of the community.
We use the grant for capacity building