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Our space – our cause. Public consultations of local plans.

Civic participation Completed
2014-09-15 - 2016-04-15
398 086,93 PLN
226 301,98 PLN
spatial planning, rural areas
Project description
The project was a response to degradation of rural space - the lack of open rural public spaces, scattered building patterns, fencing and unwanted investments. It was aimed at developing good practices to enhance participation of citizens in management of their vicinity, and promoting dialogue between inhabitants, local government and the authors of local land management plans. The activities were implemented in three rural municipalities where local land management plans were developed. Acts of law in force give inhabitants the right to participate in developing the documents, but municipal authorities very often consult the documents only to a limited extent. The aim of the project was to enhance the real participation of inhabitants in preparation of local land management plans. In each of the municipalities, social consultation processes were planned and conducted together with inhabitants and local authorities. In the village of Strzelce Górne (the municipality Dobrcz, a locality situated in close vicinity of a big city) the social concept of multifunctional and open recreation area in the centre of the village was developed. The inhabitants together with municipal authorities began to implement it. In Spała (the municipality Inowłódz, tourist and spa locality), as a result of consultations led, the plan for management of the centre of the village was prepared, envisaging creating facilities for both tourists, and local inhabitants (e.g. the new local clubroom). The investments will be realised by municipal authorities. In villages situated in the municipality Wieprz (agricultural locality) the inhabitants designated pieces of land for sports and recreation facilities. In order to facilitate the last stage of consultations, an Internet application was developed enabling inhabitants to present comments to draft plans. Experiences gathered helped to prepare open publications and a film. The project will be continued by the Foundation, and another 30 rural municipalities will be supported in consultations.
We use the grant for capacity building