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Civic development of cultural policy in Podhale

Civic participation Completed
2014-09-01 - 2016-04-30
257 400,00 PLN
231 600,00 PLN
local policies, culture
Project description
Under the present cultural policy for the Podhale region (Tatra county), the importance of culture and cultural industries and creative economy is insufficiently recognised as a factor in social development and modern economy, and achieving high economic indicators. The poor participation in cultural activities and the lack of modern cultural infrastructure create barriers in educational development of local communities.
The project aimed at enhancing the role of the inhabitants of Podhale, local governments, non-profit organisations, cultural institutions and the business sector in the process of developing the regional cultural policies. Its main idea was to build a common vision of a Cultural Podhale through seeing culture as an important factor in social development.
During implementation of the project, 25 meetings and debates were organised with the participation of inhabitants of the Tatra county, representatives of cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, local councillors, culture animators and folk artists. They took place in different municipalities of the Tatra county. In all, approximately 2400 inhabitants of the county took part in the activities.
In some debates invited experts participated, sharing their experiences in cultural management on different levels.
An analysis of cultural policy in the Tatra county was also commissioned, opinions of inhabitants were gathered during debates, meetings, in the form of questionnaires and through e-mails. As a result of the project, the inhabitants of Podhale and local institutions could participate in building civil society engaged in public life. The final result of the project is the document „Strategy for cultural policy in Podhale”, being its main objective and containing guidelines for common cultural policy of the county leading to eliminating the identified problems and barriers in accessibility of culture and to multidimensional cultural development.
The partners of the project, the town of Zakopane and the County Office, supported the project logistically. But their substantial participation in the project was not as broad as originally declared.
We use the grant for capacity building