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Woman lacking space

Combating discrimination Completed
2014-10-01 - 2015-12-31
213 409,62 PLN
186 311,60 PLN
Project description
Culture issues – forcing women to adopt specific social roles – and the consequent media content have resulted in a situation whereby the Polish society remains on the receiving end of a primarily male point of view. Despite the gradual (albeit slow) legislative changes for equality, women continue to be underrepresented and discriminated in numerous areas of public life.
The purpose of the project was to draw the mass audience’s attention to the issue of female underrepresentation in public life by delivering credible reference data attractive in form and format.
The project resulted in the shooting of a documentary titled Woman Without Space (inspired by Miss Representation, a renowned American production) – a clear and explicit case study of the issue of female underrepresentation in Polish public life; the film was shown to multiple Polish viewers.
Woman Without Space follows a script written for purposes of the project. Professional moviemakers s were brought on board. The documentary was shown to numerous audiences in screenings at 12 locations, all screenings accompanied by public debates for approximately 800 participants. The film was broadcast by three TV stations (8 screenings in total), made available online, and published in DVD format (500 distributed copies). Follow-up questionnaires have shown that the documentary became food for thought, and was well-received in terms of content and production merits alike.
Project beneficiaries include approximately 9,100 documentary viewers.
The partner organisation was charged with content-related and technical supervision of all activities involved, i.a. with script co-authorship and expert participation in screening follow-up debates.