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Participation – another step forward!

Civic participation Completed
Michalowice Municipality, Michałowice, Poland
Miechow Municipality, Miechów, Poland
Kety Municipality, Kęty, Poland
Ryglice Municipality, Ryglice, Poland
Sucha Beskidzka Municipality, Sucha Beskidzka, Poland
Makow Podhalanski Municipality, Maków Podhalański, Poland
2015-02-02 - 2016-02-07
391 600,41 PLN
349 643,63 PLN
local government, spatial planning, participatory budgeting, community engagement
Project description
The Foundation of Active Places and People initiated the project, having in mind that in small towns and in rural areas, the access to up-to-date methods of social consultations is often limited - they lack the knowledge and specialists in using workshop and Internet tools. The main aim of the project was to strengthen the social dialogue in eight municipalities in Małopolska: Michałowice, Ryglice, Maków Podhalański, Zawoja, Miasto Jordanów, Sucha Beskidzka, Miechów and Kęty, in cooperation with the Norwegian partner (Nordic Institute of Training and International Networking). As a result of the the project, municipal officers together with local inhabitants defined the most important local problems, identified strengths and assets of their localities, and then developed the best solutions. In many cases, it was inhabitants themselves who took the matters into their own hands and became more active citizens of their "small fatherlands".
In all, 13 participation processes were conducted consisting of six stages: planning, informing inhabitants, diagnosing needs, participatory workshops, consulting the developed projects, announcing results. 24 meetings and worshops gathered about 450 persons, 5 civic budgets were implemented, 8 questionnaire surveys were conducted, 9 thematic teams were started with participation of local inhabitants, and 8 documents summarising the decisions taken were prepared. The dialogue was conducted in five areas: implementation of civic budgets (5 municipalities), developing a brand of the place (2), management of marketplaces (1), developing tourist offer (2) and cultural and recereational offer for local inhabitants (3). In addition, the portal was expanded, as an up-to-date tool for online consultations. Experiences from the project were publicised throughout Poland by a publication and a conference, both titled "Participation - a jump in local development". An important role was played by the partners of the project - municipal offices from Małopolska leading activities in their areas (information, inviting to dialogue, project promotion etc.) and the Norwegian partner NiTiN that offered many inspirations, ideas and experiences.
We use the grant for capacity building