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Combating discrimination Completed
Stowarzyszenie Romów we Wrocławiu "Romani Bacht"
2015-03-01 - 2015-12-31
93 995,49 PLN
84 585,18 PLN
Roma, integration
Project description
Is There a Problem? Hate-Motivated Violence in Wrocław, Wrocław, 2011, a report published by the NOMADA Association, and police data prove that xenophobic and racist behaviour has been on the rise. More than ten racial discrimination incidents have been recorded in Wrocław in 2013 alone (The Brown Book, Never Again Association). Data published in 2011 by CBOS (Public Opinion Research Centre) suggests that the Roma are a community most frequently disliked by adult Poles (49%).
The purpose of the project was to support the Roma and their environment in social integration efforts, and to prevent discrimination for reasons of ethnicity.
The project allowed the engagement of a group of ten participants charged with the task of preventing discrimination. Thirty-six individuals were trained in the theory and practice of preventing discrimination. Moreover, the project resulted in Roma/non-Roma co-operation for purposes of small local endeavours. Support offered for the Roma community proved valuable as well –a self-help group for purposes of resolving social difficulties was organised.
Thirty-six persons (5 three-hour sessions) and ten local community leaders (twenty-one hours) were trained in the course of separate anti-discrimination workshops, respectively; leaders organised two social campaigns: mural painting, and a fun-and-games meeting. Six Roma self-help group meetings were held, with assistance provided to 15 persons. Three meetings with the local community were organised, attended by 55 persons. Project beneficiaries included approximately 70 persons in total.
We use the grant for capacity building