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Your voice can save the forest – starting social participation in forest management

Civic participation Completed
Leszczawa Dolna
WWF Poland Foundation, Warszawa, Poland
2015-03-01 - 2016-04-30
290 418,00 PLN
260 728,00 PLN
public institutions
Project description
The project was focused on the problem of the lack of social participation in the management of the State Forests. The aim of the project was to enhance social awareness on the impact of the forest management on ecosystemic services and to inform general public on legal possibilities for social participation in the process of developing multiannual forest management plans by public institutions and planning forest investments with negative environmental impact. The project was directed mainly to local stakeholders, naturalists, students, academics, NGO members and tourists interested in the nature of Carpathian forests, mainly in the regions of Beskid Niski, Bieszczady and Pogórze Przemyskie. The problem is pertinent all over Poland, so nationwide promotion of the project was needed.
Under the project activities trainings on social participation in forest management were organised, promotional leaflet was prepared promoting social consultations of Forest Management Plans, a participation guidebook was prepared containing necessary knowledge on the procedure of developing Forest Management Plans, a film was made showing the problems in management of forest resources of the State Forests and opportunities for social participation, social consultations in forest management were promoted during meetings with students, lecturers, interested persons and academics, as well as during nationwide outdoor events concerning environmental protection.
As a result of the implementation of the activities, the awareness was raised in the society on legal possibilities for social participation in the process of developing multiannual forest management plans and planning investments in forests, as witnessed by the civil engagement in presenting to the relevant managing authorities comments to the presently developed forest management plans and proposals to introduce new forms of environmental protection.
The partner of the project was the WWF Foundation Poland, having experience in television campaigns and contacts with journalists, thus guaranteeing relatively easier access to nationwide media, and so to greater number of recipients from the recipient group.
We use the grant for capacity building