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Senior Citizen At The Source Of Dłubnia River

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2015-03-01 - 2016-04-30
123 937,77 PLN
111 245,44 PLN
elderly people, community engagement
Project description
Sixty-six percent of Trzyciąż municipality residents are of the post-productive age, and are now struggling with loneliness and insufficient care issues (Central Statistics Office, 2012). Apart from social assistance for the most impoverished, the local government offers no support or integration programmes for senior citizens.
The project purpose was to ensure senior citizens’ inclusion by providing them with access to culture and education, encouraging social contact, and making the knowledge and experience of elders part of active inter-generational communication.
Sixty senior citizens became involved in public work to reduce the inter-generational gap, expanded their knowledge, and made new friends.
The following activities were delivered: 7 educational and integration meetings on civilisation disease prevention and healthy nutrition, and the new digital media; 6 inter-generational meetings held by senior citizens for the young to present local culinary, ritual-related, and patriotic traditions; and 5 day trips (Bukowina Tatrzańska – twice, Bochnia, Cracow, Wadowice) for senior citizens to sightsee, enjoy physical therapy in thermal baths, and attend an opera performance. They also promoted local culinary traditions at events in Cracow and Trzyciąż. A “This Is My Place – Imbramowice in Tales of the Elders” blog was set up.
Activities involved 105 municipality residents, 60 of whom senior citizens.
The Partner offered topical and technical support for purposes of educational programmes, provided access to premises and the Regional Chamber of Imbramowice collection for two meetings, and helped develop a promotional stand.
We use the grant for capacity building