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Youth Perspective on Elbląg

Children and youth Completed
Forum of Social Animators, Kurzętnik, Poland
2015-03-01 - 2016-04-30
331 370,87 PLN
297 905,38 PLN
voluntary service, multiculturalism, refugees and migrants
Project description
The level of community engagement has declined in Elbląg for many years. Only 20-30 individuals out of 120,000 take part in social consultations and the voter turnout never exceeds 40 per cent. Local people have limited understanding of how the local government operates, which is illustrated by the fact that 80 per cent of the current council are previously terminated members. Young people have adopted similar patterns. In addition, youth have not been consulted on any local issues so they believe they cannot influence local policy.
The project aimed at strengthening youth's community engagement and participation in local policy decisions.
The project enabled 30 individuals to create a youth magazine called Elbląg Okiem Młodych [Elbląg Through the Eyes of Young People]. The group not only co-creates the magazine, a blog and TV resources but also contributes to local youth events.

Project participants took part in journalism, TV production and social media workshops. A summer school of journalism and a Youth Civic Forum were held in Munster. Meetings and consultations were held with young people and council members.
Project beneficiaries included youth aged 15-36 in Elbląg.
The project partner, Community Animators' Forum, was responsible for supporting youth during various community initiatives.
We use the grant for capacity building