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Present? Religious and worldview equality in public education

Combating discrimination Completed
2015-04-01 - 2016-03-31
105 165,29 PLN
94 555,63 PLN
multiculturalism, education system, religion and secularity, national policies
Project description
Surveys led by the grantee in 2012 show that in schools in Małopolska region discrimination because of religion/other beliefs occurs. Many educational institutions fail to comply with binding legal regulations and e.g. require written resignation from religion lessons which is contrary to the new ministerial regulation, adopted based on the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights. According to the new regulations, schools are, among others, bound to provide access to lessons of ethics or religion lessons of denominations other than Catholic for every person who so desires. But the law is not implemented in practice, and the school life and space is infiltrated by many contents of Catholic teachings. This disturbing tendency can be in particular present in public schools that were handed over to managing entities other than local government units.
The aim of the project was to prepare a diagnosis of the problem of discrimination because of religious beliefs or religious indifference and other beliefs in public schools, in order to take action aimed at counteracting such situations.
As a result of the activities undertaken under the project, the gathered data and information on discrimination because of religious and other beliefs in schools were disseminated and 20 interventions were undertaken in particular cases of violating the principle of equality.
Under the project, two reports were published on availability of lessons in ethics and religion of denominations other than Roman-Catholic and from monitoring of the situation in schools handed over to managing entities other than local government units. In addition, recommendations were developed and disseminated, and published in the form of a booklet. Also a booklet was prepared and distributed for parents and schoolchildren, containing legal regulations concerning lessons of religion and ethics in schools. As a result of the monitoring, 20 cases of violations of the principle of equality were identified and interventions in schools were undertaken. The problems dealt with under the project were discussed during 13 debates on diversity of religious and other beliefs organised in smaller localities and during a conference summarising the project that took place in Warsaw.
The project benefited 218 persons participating in local debates and in the summary conference.
We use the grant for capacity building